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Wii Play gets the preview treatment


The folks over at Siliconera recently got their hands on Wii Play, the collection of minigames that comes bundled with the Wiimote. Designed much in the way Wii Sports is, Wii Play is designed to show gamers how to use the Wiimote through a variety of different types of minigames. The games included are:

  • Shooting: A hybrid between Duck Hunt and those old-fashioned pellet gun game you see at the carnival.
  • Find Mii: A Where's Waldo-like game where the player must track down Miis in a crowd.
  • Table Tennis: Even more simple than Tennis in Wii Sports, the player must move the paddle to the ball where it is automatically returned.
  • Pose Mii: Players mimic the angle of floating Miis by tilting the Wiimote.
  • Hockey: Neon-colored air hockey.
  • Charge: In a bull race, you tilt the Wiimote to maintain balance on your bull.

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