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AMD's 4x4 setup to start at "about $1000"

Cyrus Farivar

Over the last few months, we've enjoyed snippets of information about AMD's new 4x4 platform, but until today we didn't know the speed of the chips, nor their prices. TG Daily just got all the info from a company event in Munich; the 4x4 will launch on November 14, with three different models of 125-watt FX processors: the 2.6GHz FX-72, 2.8GHz FX-74, and 3.0GHz FX-76. Further, the site also confirmed with AMD that the entry-level chips would go for "about $1000," and acknowledged that there still aren't that many pieces of software that can take advantage of two cores on two chips, besides Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. So the short of it is, that totally decked out gamer rig -- with a 4x4 powering the whole unit -- isn't going to come cheap.

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