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Art Lebedev Studios' unveils artsy Sonicum 2.1 speaker set

Darren Murph

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While Ben Heckendorn and Soner Ozenc have definitely mastered their own forms of art, Art Lebedev provides soothing, aesthetic, and eye-tingling creations second to none. While his Optimus keyboard (and mini three as well) were flattering enough, the Mus2 pointer-shaped mouse was pure genius. Design freaks take heart, as Art Lebedev Studios' has an uber-sleek Sonicum speaker system up for pre-order, and besides eliciting all sorts of geekish lust, the 2.1 computer-minded setup boasts dual 5-watt NXT speakers, a 15-watt subwoofer, and a few design cues that set it apart from the rest. The satellites bear a striking resemblance to a speaker cone silhouette, the subwoofer's bass knob is cleverly marked with a textual smiley, and each simplistic piece is branded with Art's own barcode logo. For just €106.17 ($126.60), you can claim your Sonicum rig now, but unfortunately you'll be waiting until next April to hear (and see) Lebedev's latest masterpiece in person.

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