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i-mate shows "PDA L" Pocket PC phone

Chris Ziegler

It looks like the midrange Pocket PC phone market (is there such a market?) is about to get a little more crowded. i-mate used Microsoft's TechEd in Barcelona to show off its new PDA L, a 16.5 millimeter-thick device packing 128MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM, a 2.4-inch QVGA display, Bluetooth, WiFi, and a 2 megapixel cam, all sitting atop a 200MHz OMAP800. While we're not sure 200 million clock cycles per second is really going to meet the needs of the speed demon inside us, the phone's dimensions are definitely too our liking -- especially considering that it's running Pocket PC under the hood. No word on a release date or price, but it'll apparently come out some time around "soon" at a price of "not very much."

[Via MSMobileNews]

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