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Japanese hardware sales, 30 October - 5 November: Stream-of-consciousness edition

Jason Wishnov

Without further ado, I present the inner workings of my iron-clad genius:

well yet another week of hardware sales, I wonder if my post will beat ludwig's, I dunno, we were talking about it earlier and his idea was good as hell, but of course i'd never admit it, damn south africans. when do they even get the wii? i guess probably not for awhile, sucks to be him, but he DID order phoenix wright 2, i wonder if he got it yet, i wanna wait for the american version because of all the typos in the game, why do those bother me so much, oh well, ive plenty of play, guitar hero 2 hasn't even left my tv screen in like days, my roommates are out there right now playing tonight i'm gonna rock you tonight, i really like that song, but man freebird is just too cool, i need to practice it...oh, and not to mention final fantasy 12, or okami which i still havent beaten, or tales of the abyss which I havent even OPENED, or final fantasy V advance, and FFIII in a few days, and yoshi's island 2 and oh yeah those four more games i'm picking up for the wii (twilight princess is 70+ hours?) DAMN YOU VIDEO GAMES my grades are spiraling out of control...well, not really, i got a 97 on my digital design test, take THAT schwartz, wait no one wants to hear about my academic life, well whatever. hell YES battlestar tonight, though i have to set the torrent for it since i'm going to an mc chris concert, which means i better finish this damn post and get on with it. peace out.

- DS Lite: 113,09745,584 (28.73%)
- PSP: 23,725 2,183 (8.43%)
- PS2: 21,832 850 (3.89%)
- Xbox 360: 6,580 5,015 (320.45%)
- GBA SP: 1,443415 (22.34%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,299 52 (3.85%)
- Gamecube: 6473 (0.47%)
- DS Phat: 373259 (227.19%)
- GBA: 205 (33.3%)
- Xbox: 07 (100.00%)

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