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Polywell Poly i680SLI quad-core desktop reviewed


PC Mag's got a review of Polywell's latest high-end gaming rig, the quad-core-based Polywell Poly i680SLI, and as you can probably surmise, they found that you pretty much get what you pay for -- in this case, a lot. Based around Intel's beefy QX6700 quad-core processor, the i680SLI also comes equipped with NVIDIA's latest top-end graphics card, the GeForce 8800 GTX (just one of 'em), which accounts for a good chunk of the system's $3,250 price tag (or $3,999 with the 24-inch monitor option). The system's performance, not surprisingly, should be enough to satisfy most, aided further by the speedy 10,000 rpm hard drives (twin 150GB numbers) and 2GB of RAM. The truly sick among you also have the option of adding two more 8800 GTX cards for an SLI setup sure to impress, and bust the bank account. What's more, even with all that power under the hood, PC Mag found the system to be relatively quiet -- at least compared to other systems in this class. On the downside, they found the rig to be somewhat slower than some competing overclocked systems, and the uninspired case design (no blinking lights or alien heads) could leave some a bit disappointed, especially considering the amount of money they're forking over -- not that they'll be paying much attention to the case after they fire it up

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