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RPTV sets dominate latest American HDTV sales figures

Darren Murph

While the battlefield known as "the retail floor" is a tough place for an HDTV to be, it looks like rear-projection televisions -- of all types -- took the gold medal for sales according to the latest research from Pacific Media Associates. Although plasma sets certainly had their own walk in the park, RPTVs recovered from a weak performance this summer and surged "30 percent" in terms of units moved and revenue produced this past August. It was noted that buyers chose newer, more expensive 1080p-capable sets (particularly new units from Samsung and Sony) over the cheaper, more antiquated flavors, even though the average street price rose 0.5 percent. Samsung shareholders look mighty smart here as well, as the firm retained the top position in shares for both units and revenues, while Sony's mighty new 60-inch SXRD (the KDS-60A2000) became the best selling individual set (as confidently predicted). It should be stated, however, that all this could change when hoards of crazed buyers bombard retailers in search of rock-bottom LCD prices in just a few weeks, but we'll let the big-backed units have their 15 minutes for now.

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