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The Monster Controller 300 can beat up your remote


We'd just like to go on the record here that we are 100 percent behind any and all forays into the realm of complicated and over-featured remotes, preferably with large screens and whole regions of buttons with absolutely zero purpose whatsoever. There, we said it. That's why we're totally digging the upcoming "Home Theater and Lighting Controller 300 featuring OmniLink" remote from Monster Central -- even the name is overreaching. Along with the natural AV controls, Monster packed in iPod, PC, home automation and other fancy functions into this beast of theirs, with a browser-based configuration tool to get it all up and running. The full $600 setup includes an RF-to-IR bridge / IR blaster, known as the OmniLink, along with a tabletop charging station and ControlLink Extender IR emitters to extend your couch-based dominion even further. All this can be yours as of now, just don't let your newfound power go to your head -- the first rule of huge-ass remotes is that there will always be another contender to the crown.

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