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Chess pr0n


Lovechess: Age of Egypt is your typical chess game, except for the fact that you sexually pound your enemies into submission. Not since the original Battle Chess has there been a game forcefully thrusting the ancient game into a new light. The board is divided into two sides, boys vs. girls, and as the two forces attempt to dominate each other, the player is greeted to some fornication animation. Sadly, you only get the animations by purchasing the full game, the demo turns off the sweet love -- for the sake of internets children.

The concept is cool, but the graphics are a bit blah. Considering the game's main selling point is sex, you'd think they'd have given a large variety of customizable options for different players desires. The men "stand at attention" the entire time, everyone is fully waxed and, although this may not matter to some, what about boy-on-boy or girl-on-girl chess action? It'll certainly be interesting to see what the mod community does with this.

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