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The Wii alphabet


While PS3 owning hopefuls wait outside all week for their chance, Wii fanboys have time to come up with cheeky alphabet columns. Over at 4cr they've developed a column where each day, using a letter from the alphabet, they post another detailed and debatable nugget about the Wii, they've made it up to R for Relaxation. It's like the 12 Days of Christmas -- but with the alphabet, and no FIVE GOLD RINGS!

A is for Aesthetics, E is for Exclusives, L is for Longevity, each letter brings up a different concept. One of the most interesting columns was O, for "Is the Wii Obsolete"? A topic that gets brought up over and over again in our comment threads. 4cr goes into exceptional detail about this debate and comes out the other side writing, "Basically, the answer is a resounding no!"

By next Sunday's Wii launch they'll end of the alphabet. The column is cute, but now the real hard letters come: X and Z ... oh wait, Zelda!

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