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Wii message board vs. Wii whiteboard

Kyle Orland

The message on the screen above took about a minute and a half to input using the on-screen keyboard and Wii remote, not including the few seconds it took to pick up the controller and access the message post function. The message written on the actual Wii took roughly a minute to write, and that's including about 40 seconds spent searching for a white board marker (not to worry fanboys... it washes off with a damp paper towel).

The message on the screen requires Billy to turn on the Wii, pick up the controller and click through to the message in "today's posts" before being readable. The message on the actual Wii/whiteboard is readable as soon as Billy walks in the room.

Nintendo, remind us again how the Wii message board is "somewhere where the family can easily share and exchange ideas."

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