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Guitar Sim for the DS

Jason Wishnov

The DS is a veritable gateway to the professional world. Why, we've gained access to respected career choices such as a litigation, the culinary arts, and even high-stakes surgery. But why stop there? No, for the more romantic of us, a new application from Japan is allowing us yet one more: a guitar player.

No, this isn't quite Guitar Hero for your DS. Instead, the game uses the touch screen to actually allow a player to "freestyle" notes, chords, and tunes, making their own creations as opposed to playing those pre-made. The stylus is used to pick the on-screen strings, and the d-pad allows for tonal switching. It will obviously require a passable knowledge of music, and though the chances are slim of it ever coming to the U.S., it's certainly worth a moment of your time to watch the demo video after the jump. Come on. Mom and Dad would never let you be in a band, but the dream never dies.

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