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Verizon to add two more on the low end

Chris Ziegler

Pantech PN-310 not doing anything for you? It looks like Verizon's got a couple more in the pipeline (including yet another from Pantech) that might be more to your liking. First up is the Pantech PN-300 (pictured above), an ultra basic, cameraless clamshell whose only real claim to fame might be that it's just a little easier to look at -- in our humblest of opinions -- than the PN-310. Next up is the Kyocera K323 (pictured after the break), a phone we've known about for a while that takes one small step up the food chain from the PN-300 by adding a VGA cam, Bluetooth, and an internal antenna. Our sources tell us the PN-300's launch is imminent, while we still might be in for a little wait on the K323. Believe us, we're not getting too worked up about it.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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