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Japan: PS3 near sell-out, Ridge Racer, Gundam popular

Zack Stern

Reuters documents the Japanese PS3 frenzy, saying that the console sold nearly all of its stock -- 88,400 units -- in its first two days. Just over 60 percent moved were the 60GB version, but we expect gamers were just buying whatever was available.

But what games do the Japanese players want? Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight and Ridge Racer 7 are the hottest titles, selling about 30,000 each. While other launch titles are picking up the slack, it sounds like Japanese gamers are spending most of their money on the console and not on games.

The PS3 already supports video downloads in Japan, so that audience may see it as a rounded entertainment system -- or a Blu-ray player. We're interested in how the number of games sold per-console averages out in different parts of the world.

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