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Metareview: Final Fantasy III (update 1)


We loves us some Final Fantasy. Character customization, turn-based battles and emotional conflicts are the kinds of things that make our mouth water. So perhaps you could call Final Fantasy III a delicious steak dinner. Or, if it's more your thing, a large slice of chocolate cake. We've never had this steak dinner before, nor have we gobbled down this slice of chocolate cake (accompanied by a cup of milk, natch). And, if the critics are to be believed, this steak dinner is very delicious.

  • 1UP - 80%: "Hardcore RPG players may enjoy it more than modern Final Fantasy titles, thanks to its emphasis on skill development and combat. Casual players may find themselves surprised by how addictive simple level-grinding and monster-slaying can be. There's a certain satisfaction in seeing your juiced-up Monk land 28 hits in a single round, and FFIII delivers that thrill in spades -- and there's enough challenge to make it a necessity rather than overkill. The result is one of the best portable RPGs to date, and a fine example of how to remake a classic."
  • Electronic Gaming Monthly - 78%: "The game's addictive job system makes plowing through the fun battles worthwhile." [Dec. 2006, p.152]
  • IGN - 78%: "Even though we personally had a blast with Final Fantasy III, this one is going to be a serious judgment call on a gamer-by-gamers basis. For any unassuming casual gamer out there, be warned, as Final Fantasy III hits hard and plays like the demanding days of old."
Those numbers aren't too shabby. Are these better or worse than the review scores you anticipated? Also, note that we will update the post when more current reviews are posted online as the only other available outlets reviewed Japanese import copies.

[Update: Added IGN's review.]

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