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MIGS06: Insights into Wii Prince of Persia controls, thanks to Ubisoft CEO


On the Friday after the Montreal International Game Summit, Joystiq had an opportunity to visit several of Montreal's largest game studios along with a small group of other journalists, thanks to investment firm Investissement Quebec. While touring the Ubisoft Montreal studio, we sat down with CEO Yannis Mallat, who mentioned casually that a Prince of Persia game for the Wii was already in development, and coming along nicely.

M. Mallat said that he had an opportunity to play an early build, and that the controls were fun and intuitive. According to him, the Wii remote could be manipulated to make the prince perform jumps and other moves, while the nun-chuk could be used to throw out the prince's chain.

While a CEO could hardly be expected to say anything bad about his studio's game, it's good to know that the title is still in development, as we haven't heard anything from it in a while. Of course, it's also nice to have some ideas as to the control schemes being considered for the game.

To keep this in perspective, however, let us remember that it was a passing comment regarding a game that is still very much in production. Any or all of the control details could change between now and the title's (eventual) launch. That said, it sounds like it could be fun to fling the prince around using the Wii remote. Thoughts?

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