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R.I.P. classic Playstation accessories (PS3 annoyance #1)

Kyle Orland

We are gathered here today to mourn the practical obsolescence of the various Playstation and PS2 accessories we have gathered over the last ten years. With the Playstation 3 missing the controller ports and memory card slots that have been standard for the last two generations of Sony hardware, we're suddenly stuck with a vast array of Dual Shocks, drums, dance pads and guitars that can't be used to play old games on our new hardware, not to mention all the game saves that are trapped on our memory cards.

We're aware that Sony has announced a USB adapter to transfer old memory card data, and that third party USB adapters can revive our old controllers (except for those guitars, it seems), but it's still a little annoying that Sony is asking us to buy extra hardware to support our old accessories. It's admirable that Sony has embraced industry-wide standards like USB, SD, CompactFlash and MemoryStick for wired inputs, but it's regrettable that they've done this at the expense of their old, proprietary hardware. Would it have been so difficult to stick a couple of memory card and controller ports onto the front of what is an already input-filled system?

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