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Resistance: Fall of Man -- welcome to the killer app zone

Nick Doerr

I've said it before, I hate the term killer app. But apparently, IGN has given the thumbs way up to Resistance, scoring it an impressive 9.1 out of 10. They go so far as to call it a killer app available on day one. Let's break down the highs and low of the review.

  • The alternate timeline story is pretty solid, pretty cool, pretty pretty.
  • Graphics are great, although not the "best" out there.
  • Weapons, weapons, weapons! The weapon designs are hailed as fantastic, to say the least. What do you expect from the Ratchet & Clank people?
  • The AI grows with you -- the first few levels consist of fairly "dumb" enemies, but by the later levels, they are rather intelligent. Oh, just a rant, but I played Gears of War over the weekend. It's pretty cool, but you know, if they gave you a Light Gun and a pedel to push when you duck behind stuff, it's basically a more interactive Time Crisis. Which is fine, since Time Crisis rocks. So, it's good, but not "the best game ever".
  • Load times are only at the beginning of stages. Sweet.
  • No lag in game or in the insanely impressive multi-player matches.
  • Speaking of... multi-player matches are plenty, varied, and loads of fun.
  • What's not so good? Well... the ending is fairly vague and open-ended (which, unless otherwise set in stone, is fine for sequel material)
You can read the IGN review to get a better feel for this summary of sorts. But let it be known! The game is deserving of your attention, even if it means a simple rental.

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