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The Japanese PS3 launch: weather report

Jonti Davies

Gamers queue with umbrellas erect in Akihabara.

Some important information remains missing from the avalanche of hyperbolic "PS3 LAUNCH CHAOS!" stories which hit the web on Saturday, following the PS3's (inevitable) Day One sell-out: What was the weather like?

Joystiq camped out overnight in Tokyo to get its system, and at dawn all fingers were still present and correct. The frost didn't bite. In fact, at a low of 10 degrees Celsius, Friday night in Tokyo was unseasonably mild. The sun began to colour the sky just past 5.30am on Saturday morning, turning to a pink haze by 6.30am before arriving at a grey cloud conclusion as the first Tokyo game stores opened their doors to all those who wanted a PS3 for breakfast.

Dramatically, as the first customer at Shinjuku's Yodobashi Camera made his way to the register, the heavens opened. And from 7.01am until the evening, there was nothing but drizzle in Tokyo. The perfect day for staying inside with a warm PS3.

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