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Don't blink, Forza 2 running at 60fps

Dustin Burg

A while back at TGS and X06 the press got a little hands loving with Forza 2 and were impressed with the visuals, but came away with a bad taste in their mouths. Everyone felt that Forza 2 was pretty eye candy, but quite choppy due to framerate issues. Well the framerate issue seems to be no more Forza fans, because the development team has announced that Forza 2 is running at blazingly sweet 60 frames per second with most particle/lighting effects turned on! And did you know that the original Forza ran at a measly 30fps ... interesting ain't it? I doubt Forza 2 will remain at 60fps when it launches, but I'm sure the framerate will be higher than its older (less attractive) brother.

[Via IGN]

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