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DS Fanboy introduces Game Night


That's right boys and girls, DS Fanboy is introducing a weekly community event called Game Night. We're looking to get our Wi-Fi fix on and who better to play with then our readers? Nobody, that's who! Every Tuesday night at 8PM EST, starting next week because we need a week to prepare everything, we're going to play a Wi-Fi Connect compatible game with the readers. For the first couple of nights, we'll play for only an hour and, if the demand is there, we can play longer. Every week we'll run a poll to see what game you all want to play, but seeing as how next Tuesday will be the first Game Night, we thought we'd celebrate the debut with the first Wi-Fi Connect compatible game that debuted in Mario Kart DS.

Next Tuesday we'll put up our friend codes and provide a link to the chat where we'll be hanging out, talking Nintendo and tossing shells. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you there!

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