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Forum Post of the Day: Will guild controls get an update?


With the coming expansion and some of the shiny new UI features (like the swank new LFG interface), some are wondering if the guild interface is going to see some love as well. No, I haven't heard anything planned on it, but the current guild interface is immensely simplistic and offers little to someone attempting to organize large numbers of players. Junky and others on the US forums have some good ideas that might make guild management easier.

  • A resizable guild window
  • A way to know which characters are attached to which accounts (often done with notes)
  • A built-in raid scheduler or calendar application (usually done with mods, websites, and other 3rd party apps)
  • Some fashion of "guild bank" system that didn't require the use of an alt (alts and vanishing guild banks ftl!)
  • Ability to mass-mail guild members (there are probably mods that do this)
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