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Has your Zune gotten social yet?

Peter Rojas

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Listen up, Zunesters (someone out there did buy a Zune today, right?), we've got a job for you: bookmark this page, because we want to hear about the first time your Zune gets freaky with someone else's Zune. And we mean in the wild, too, like when you're out in public. Microsoft is really big on introducing all of us to "the social" with this thing, but remember that Metcalfe's Law cuts both ways and without other Zune users around the WiFi in the device is pretty much useless. Which is why we're dying to know how long it takes the average Zune user to actually get, uh, "social" with his or her new player -- will it be weeks, or even months, before you run into someone else with one? However it happens we want all the tawdry details of your Zune's promiscuity; maybe you can even tell us about the people you met in the process.

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