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Lost Planet webisodes 1 & 2 now on XBLM [update 1]


The Lost Planet viral marketing continues with the introduction of webisode 2. This webisode features a little more character interaction, but the meat of the trailer is clips of the actual gameplay, including the mech that transforms into a snowmobile. We really must commend Capcom on its marketing skillz, because they seem to be working. Starting way back in May with the demo, every little snippet gets us more interested in the game -- let's not forget the Turkey Day multiplayer demo either. Check out webisode 2 after the break.

As an added bonus, both webisodes are now also available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Hopefully Capcom will make this a trend and give us this content the same day the internet gets it. Who's looking forward to some Lost Planet multiplayer -- and all six of its different grenade types?

Update: It looks like this content is only available for Gold members. According to Major Nelson, this content will be available for Silver members on 11/20. So, um, mark your calendars?

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