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Planet Moon's After Burner is lookin' good


Planet Moon Studios, developers of MDK, Giants, and the PSP-exclusive Infected, have been working hard at reviving a old Sega classic. After Burner: Black Falcon is yet another PSP-exclusive endeavor from this respected developer, and 1UP has the exclusive scoop on the game. They talked to Bob Stevenson on the game, and he explains: "We were interested in taking a classic arcade game like After Burner and adding a bit of artistic license, Planet Moon-style. We were careful not to go too crazy as the game has its own essence that we didn't want to mess with."

The classic game will be getting some unique story and character development, something the team at Planet Moon has always been good at. With 30+ single player missions and extensive multiplayer modes planned, you may want to keep your eye on this one on its journey to a Spring 2007 release.

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