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Riiiiiiiiiiidge Racer! Xbox 360 vs. PS3 screens

Kevin Kelly

Sister site Xbox 360 Fanboy visited the same site we did detailing the graphic differences between the Xbox 360's Ridge Racer 6, and the PlayStation 3's new Ridge Racer 7, which is one of the hottest selling titles in Japan right now. The verdict: not that pretty. The site has been farked, so you can translate and read the text but not see the pix. Hopefully they'll get the images back sometime today. In the meantime, check out these comparison shots between the two. There's no cruise ship on the PS3 (does that ship move by and just simply isn't there in that shot?), and check out the details in the water and the lanes on the bridge in the 360. It's a pretty huge difference.

It may just be us, but we're expecting a lot more from a next-gen title that's being released a full year after a previous version on another console. This is also a game that wasn't exactly lauded as a graphical masterpiece when it came out on the 360, so it seems like there's been plenty of time to beat the PS3 version into shape. Not only that, but these PS3 screens are in 1080p, while the Xbox screens are only 720. What happened, Cell processor?

Check out a couple more picture comparisons after the break.

[Thanks, Hinkmania]

This is the Xbox 360 version in 720. Click to enlarge

This is the PS3 version in 1080p. Click to enlarge.

So where's this TrueHD that's going to blow us out of the water (pun intended)? Yes, the PS3 screen here looks a bit better than the 360 -- you can see more detail off into the distance, and the car is a bit less jaggy on the PS3 -- but it's not a quantum leap in difference. Especially given that one is RR6 and one is RR7.

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