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TIME says Wii Sports may be "the greatest videogame" of all-time

Justin Murray

Nintendo has been billing the Wii as the non-gamer's console. Nintendo wants to do with the Wii what they did with the DS, make it a huge hit among everyone (except die-hard partisans of the other systems, of course). Now Nintendo can add yet another notch to their non-gamer belt.

Time Magazine's Wilson Rothman got his own chance to sit down with the Wii. His verdict? He loves Wii Sports. Like, really loves it. He breathlessly mutters, "it might be the greatest videogame ever made." We're not quite there with you Wilson, but you've got that whole "non-gamer" thing going. Despite his affinity for Wii Sports, Rothman wasn't exactly impressed with anything else but he does still recommend a purchase.

The Wii is getting some excellent buzz. While Rothman finds Wii Sports intoxicating, others are attracted by Twilight Princess. Nintendo's strategy seems to be working; offering a broad variety of titles could win them the crown this generation. Will Nintendo be able to pull an upset over its more powerful competition? It's possible, especially since Nintendo is attracting fans in unusual places.

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