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2AM Halo news announcement: it's real! New maps, commercial, screenshot and bedtime

Kevin Kelly

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So we weren't duped after all. Bungie finally posted (right on time at 2AM Pacific) that there's a slew of new Halo things on the way.

Biggest of all -- new multiplayer maps for Halo 2. For the longest time, whenever someone would ask Bungie if there would ever be any more multiplayer maps for Halo 2, they'd say, "Well, we're kind of working on something called Halo 3. Maybe later." It looks like that later is now, or at least next Spring. They didn't say how many maps would be coming out, or how much they'd cost ... just that you'd need an Xbox 360 to play 'em (for now).

They also announced that they'll be running a Halo 3 commercial during Monday Night Football on December 4th. The game won't feature any in-game footage, but is being created from scratch by Digital Domain. It'll be all-CGI using Bungie's models and and assets, and will feature new music from Marty O'Donnell. After the commercial airs on TV, it'll be available in the XBL marketplace along with the next installment of Bungie's "making of" Halo 3 documentary. Having a Halo 3 commercial air during MNF is pretty sweet, but what's this about no gameplay footage? Here's to hoping it doesn't suck.

Bungie will also be holding a public beta for the game sometime in the Spring, so you can imagine the forums will start filling up right away with people begging for that chance. There are few details about the beta, so we're glad we didn't wait up for only this.

They also posted the above screenshot, which they claim is from actually from in the game itself. It looks slick, but it also doesn't hold any real surprises.

With all that, we're off to bed. We could have waited on this stuff until like ... January, Bungie. Maybe a slow news day in the middle of the month? Not freakin' 2AM on a Wednesday morning the week that two consoles are coming out. Didja think this news would derail either of 'em? WELL? We want our sleep back.

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