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360 game sitting pretty on Famitsu list ... really?

Justin Murray

We think it's about time to feel the ground, folks, it may be a bit frigid. Blue Dragon -- Microsoft's latest answer on the big standardized test that is Japanese game market penetration -- is showing initial signs of acceptance. Not just regular "ho-hum" acceptance, but enough to turn some heads (assuming Microsoft didn't hire people to vote).

In a recent Famitsu poll, Blue Dragon somehow clawed its way up to #3 on the list of most anticipated titles. Blue Dragon managed to knock off big hitters like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Twilight Princess, #4 and #6 respectively. The big, white box also managed to pull another nod with Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, which fell in at #15.

Microsoft is getting some much needed help in boosting its image, especially now that the PS3 has finally landed (in limited quantities anyway) in the public's grubby hands. Of course, Blue Dragon's big push won't mean much if MS can't keep the Japanese-friendly games flowing; Japanese gamers are known for being fickle and trading in game machines after finishing a game.

[Thanks, DawgOnU]

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