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Defender dashes hopes for XBLA surprise


Another Wednesday, another 1980s arcade port. Defender may push some nostalgia buttons out there, but on the eve of two competitors' launches we were hoping Microsoft would deliver with a little more oomph. Sure, Marathon was a stretch, but at least toss us one of those indie games that has been knocking around the pipeline for months, and months, and months...

In other Xbox Live news, EA's Supe'man demo has landed -- for Gold members only*. Good luck squeezing this bloated hunk of mediocrity (905.42 MB) onto your petite hard drive. Spider-Man was fun for a hot minute, Hulk added some chaos, and Superman, well, maybe EA needs to point that finger back at itself. Superheroes in the sandbox is past trite.

*The demo will be available for Xbox Live Silver members on Nov. 22.

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