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LG launches handful of (sorta) new handsets

Chris Ziegler

As we noticed with the KE820 / KG99, it appears that LG has really started to embrace the concept of spitting out virtually identical phones with seemingly unrelated model designations. Case in point: the KE600, one of several new models LG is touting this week, which we reckon to be a dead ringer for the KV2400 we uncovered a few months back. Likewise, the 200MB KU830 looks pretty much like a KG810 to us -- though it's probably the same thing as the U830 we scooped in September. Other less familiar hardware includes the pictured KU311, a clamshell with an OLED display (which almost has a Nokia air about it, in our humblest of opinions), and the CDMA C280.

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