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The most recurring reader comments on Joystiq

Blake Snow

Joystiq receives hundreds of user-generated comments on any given post. Extremely big or controversial stories can accumulate several hundred even 1,000 comments on a given day. Independent of validity, here are some of our favorite and most recurring reader comments:

  • First post!!!
  • This news is so old
  • How is s this news?
  • Sony says "shipped" not sold
  • Nintendo made money on the GameCube
  • Joystiq is bias OR not bias (we equally get them all, believe it or not)
  • [Insert desire] FTW!!!
  • It's no Halo-killer
  • M$, $ony, Xbox 1.5, Wiidiot
  • Wii is just a Gamecube with a fancy controller
  • Bloggers aren't journalists
Relevant comments are an integral part of the site and are always appreciated. They keep us on our toes, minimize our grammatical errors, and always add insight or new angles to an existing discussion. So what popular comments are missing from our list?

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