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Wired looks at a typical MMORPG forum

David Nelson

While this article isn't 100% about World of Warcraft, it most certainly applies. Lore Sjöberg from visits some of our all-time favorite forum users, such as...

  • One-Issue Poster Hmmm...could this be the "New realms soon?!" guy?
  • The Majority Stockholder You mean $15 dollars a month doesn't buy me complete control of the game?
  • The Eternal Quitter You know this guy. Heck, there is one of these guys in every guild.
In addition to pointing out the different kinds of forum trash, he suggests punishments. My favorite is having the Power Craver be forced to admit that he actually works the check out line at Kroger. I think I liked that one so much because as a teenager I actually did work the check out line at Kroger. Good times.

Do you see yourself in any of these stereotypes? Did he miss any of your favorite forum trolls? He missed my all-time favorite, that being the level 1 alt flame poster. Nothing beats that!

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