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Xbox 360 launches in Brrrrrrrazil

Kevin Kelly

The Xbox 360 had a launch party in Brazil last week, and announced that they will be selling the system there beginning December 1st. Marcelo Vega of Xbox Today was at the shindig and snapped some pix that he was kind enough to share with us. Brazilian girls playing the 360? Sign us up, please.

Vega said the crowd erupted in cheers when they announced that Gears of War would be available at launch (hey, we would too), and were extremely excited to see such an official Xbox presence instead of the numerous pirate consoles. According to the Babelfish translation, the event was "hosted in a house of events in the unglued quarter of São Paulo." Nice!

Check out more pix after the jump. Viva Brazil!

[Thanks, Marcelo!]

Are you looking at the consoles or the high heels?

Check out the FIFA love on the middle screen, and of course GoW.

Their swag included these water bottles that look like liquid fuel containers. Are these handy for bathroom breaks too?

Welcome to the party, Brazil. You're in feet-first.

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