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ByD:sign / EyeFi's 19 and 15-inch TV/DVD combos, for pervs


Get ready to get your squat on with these chubby little combo sets from Japan's ByD:sign. Better known by their EyeFi branding at least amongst the Sam's Club shopping posse, these 19 and 15-inchers feature a built-in DVD player which likely accounts for the junk in the trunk. The 19-inch 1966GJ features a 1440x900 resolution, 300cd/m2 brightness, 700:1 contrast ratio, 8-ms response, and weak sauce 135/150-degree (up 'n down / left 'n right) visibility. The 15-inch 1566GJ delivers 1024x768, 250cd/m2, 450:1, and 16-ms specs with an outright dismal 100/120-degree visibility. Both feature terrestrial analog tuners which will cause you a bit of grief, someday, along with inputs ranging from composite, S-Video, Japanese D4, and D-Sub15 RGB. Oh hey, they've got handles too, for quick escape to the garage or wherever you might be hiding your brown-bag discs. Hitting Japan today for ¥59,800 / ¥39,800 (about $506 / $337) for the 19/15-inch model, respectively. No doubt hitting the neighborhood Sam's Club under the el cheapo EyeFi branding soon enough, if not already.

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