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Metareview: Tomb Raider Legend


It's been awhile since Ms. Croft has graced a Nintendo system and, according to the latest reviews of Tomb Raider Legend on the DS, it's for good reason. This port of an otherwise enjoyable title is apparently lacking some TLC, resulting in one unenjoyable time. That's a shame, we were hoping this would be more fun than it seems ...

  • Nintendo Power - 45%: "In the future, hopefully Eidos's commitment to rejuvenating the series will carry over to the handheld installments, but this uninspired port feels like it belongs to the crumbling franchise of a few years ago rather than the new and improved Legend." [Dec. 2006, p.105]
  • Games Radar - 50%: "Despite all of the frustration, however, Tomb Raider on DS can still be great fun at times - as long as you've got super-human patience and are prepared to squint a lot."
  • Pocket Gamer UK - 40%: "Indeed, so much of what was an otherwise quality adventure has been lost in the transition, this is more like a book of the film where half of the pages have been torn out. Avoid."

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