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Nintendo to reconsider better graphics after high-def "takes off"

Blake Snow

Business Week spoke with Nintendo birthday boy Shigeru Miyamoto and designer Ken'ichiro Ashida in an interview discussing gaming for moms, thoughts on power consoles, how Wii was influenced by the DS, and the overall development timeline of the new console. Also of note is how Miyamoto described the challenge of making a $200+ console given the investment spent on Wiimote R&D:

"We had to compromise on graphics and give up on a powerful chip. Many of our employees initially wanted high-definition graphics. But they agreed with us that graphics wouldn't matter if the games weren't fun to play ... As new chip technology becomes available, we'll consider less power-hungry varieties that don't cost too much. And once high-definition TVs take off, we'll consider the merits of better graphics and more power."

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