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The Boy Genius Report: Cingular 8100 launch presentation!

Ryan Block, @ryan

Field report tidbits from Engadget's mobile insider, The Boy Genius.

It would appear that after a brief hiatus of his column here at Engadget due to launching his new site, Boy Genius, we now get some dirt on a phone some Cingular customers have been seriously anticipating. The Boy Genius sent us a full hi-res shot of the Cingular branded BlackBerry 8100 (see above!), along with a couple slides from an internal Cingular / RIM presentation (after the break). You won't have to be waiting much longer as the release date has been moved up from November 28th, to Tuesday, November 21st. It's nice to know the same notable T-Mobile features are still onboard; Cingy did add Push-to-Talk though, and changed the color theme on the device (for the worse if we might add). But at the end of the day it will remain almost the same as the Pearl you love, or hate -- or hate to love. Now if only RIM would get the 8800 out the door. But we're sure The Boy Genius will have that soon enough, whether Cingy likes it or not. (Figure: not.) Click on for the PowerPoint.

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