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TiVo pushing out 8.1 service update for Series2 units


TiVo looks to be sending out its latest update for Series2 recorders on a first-come-first-service basis, taking requests for the update on a priority list on its website, and promising to get it out to you in three business days. According to TiVo, bumping your unit up to 8.1 will give you enhanced support for recording live events (like adding extra time), improved system performance (including a fix for those Kidzone-related slowdowns), WPA network security and, well, that's about it. While it's just for Series2 units at the moment, TiVo seems to be saying that Series3 users can expect an update of their own as well, simply stating that "this update is not yet available for these units."

[Via Zatz Not Funny!}

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