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Today's hottest game video: Official Wii commercial

Zack Stern

Nintendo's official 30-second version of our previously mentioned, two-minute Wii commercial is today's most-watched YouTube game video. This edit of the spot has slightly cleaner video and none of the random talking and laughing behind the longer bootleg cut.

This video shatters previous most-watched game video scores. Daily winners usually chart between 20,000-60,000 views; the Wii commercial? It's been viewed 670,000 times -- and counting -- making it the most watched video anywhere on YouTube. The Wii is even better than sex; the number-two video of the site is called "My First Video Blog... (Striptease Included)." (Note that like an actual striptease, this video doesn't deliver on its promise. Yes, we watched.)

Nintendo unfortunately disabled our ability to embed the video. Catch it directly at YouTube.

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