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UAC's MC88 compact keyboard: fanboys of the world, unite!


Nestled somewhere between a rollable keyboard and 103-key monster on the portability spectrum you'll find this compact, MC88 keyboard from Japan's UAC. It measures in at 337×143×31-mm (13.3×5.6×1.2-inches) and for whatever reason, they say it's for the "MacMini" although they tout its ability to work with Windows too. Who would have thought the Apple Command-key and Microsoft Windows-key could exist so peacefully side-by-side? It features a USB 2.0 "hub" which is actually just a single port out the right-side for your mouse with the whole slab connecting back to your PC or Mac via some kind of freaky USB Y-cable -- plug in the silver-plated cable for USB 1.1 connections or the gold-plated tether for USB 2.0... what the!? Anyway, for ¥9,800 (about $83) you fanboys can play nice and share. Oh it won't be cheap and it'll be confusing but nobody said humility was easy.

[Via Impress]

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