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Unlisted 2.0.1 changes


And now it's time for the 2.0.1 changes that didn't quite make it into the patch notes, courtesy of the World of Raids forums. I've listed the interesting ones, but if you're the sort that needs every last detail, hop on over to the complete list at World of Raids.

  • Escape artist is now an instant cast.
  • Blood Fury also increases spell damage depending on your class. Increases ranged and melee damage for hunters.
  • The Looking For Group Channel has been removed.
  • The Quest log has been expanded to hold 25 quests.
  • All hunter pets have been normalized to a 2.0 speed. *unconfirmed*
  • Warlock's Spellstones and Firestones can be equipped in the Wand slot.
  • Many profession that used to require a recipe, plan, etc, to learn are now trainable by the corresponding profession trainer. (No, we don't have any details on which.)
  • Spells automatically update on your action bar when new ranks are purchased.
  • A hunter's Arcane Shot benefits more from ranged attack power. *unconfirmed*
  • Four new bank slots! And an extra bag slot that costs 25g to purchase.
  • New quests have been added throughout the zones. Including various Draenei and Blood Elf camps.
  • Many new items have been added to various vendors, including jewelcrafting plans.
  • All class specific spell books that previously dropped in dungeons are now trainable at level 60.
  • Players can change their title from a drop down menu to show their highest PvP rank next to their name.

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