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100 millionth Symbian smartphone ships

Chris Ziegler

Break out the bubbly, it's party time! If you're a little software outfit by the name of Symbian, that is -- or Nokia, Sony Ericsson, or any other of Symbian's ten active licensees. The British company has announced that the 100 millionth phone running its goodies has shipped, 36 million of which have come in 2006 alone. If we were the betting type, we'd put our money on that 100 millionth handset being a Nokia piece seeing how their particular flavor of Symbian -- S60 -- accounts for an overwhelming majority of Symbian-powered devices finding their way into consumers' hands, but as we've seen, Sony Ericsson isn't about to give up on UIQ. Either way, Symbian's celebrating the occasion with their "Because of the Code" contest, which'll award 100 smartphones and other miscellaneous parting gifts to the best code samples submitted by January 7; meanwhile, non-developers can get in on the fun with the "Symbian Hundred Million Phones" quiz, offering handsets to another three folks randomly selected from the pool of those answering all the questions correctly. Here's to another 100 million, Symbian!

[Thanks, Wimbo]

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