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Breakfast Topic: How to Farm Gold

David Nelson

No, not as an evil Ebay gold seller. Rather, if you need to earn a quick 50 gold, or you are looking for a way to raise 1000 gold for an epic mount (or 5000 for a flying mount), how exactly do you do it?

I personally use the old flower picking method. All of my characters have the same professions, herbalism and alchemy (I am an exciting guy), and when I am short on cash, I sell some flowers. I usually do my rounds in some of the herb-dense zones early in the morning, and I sell a few stacks in the evening. It is typically good for anywhere from 25g to 75g depending on the server or the day of the week. Saturday is a great day to sell, Tuesdays...not so much.

What is your secret? How do you earn cash when you need repairs or some sweet new crafted armor?

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