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For your enjoyment: WiiCade

Kevin Kelly

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Artist/designer David Stubbs and two partners are launching an ambitious site on November 19th, to coincide with the arrival of the Wii, called WiiCade.

The site features Flash games that you can play on the Wii through the Opera browser, and also access via your PC to upload new games or try your hand at designing your own. They should have 15 Flash games up at launch, including two exclusives that feature unique use the Wiimote. Games will auto-fit on all TV screens and are vector based, which should mean no jaggies.

This is one of the first homebrew efforts we've seen for the Wii, and we hope to see a lot more in the coming months. The Opera browser and the Wiimote will hopefully make this an attractive target for homebrewers, and hackers as well.

So bring on the Wiimote FlyS.W.A.T. Flash game, already.

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