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Latest beta patch changes


The most recent patch to the beta Burning Crusade client has brought some interesting new changes to the game. And though there's been no official announcement, some of the less than positive changes are already sparking heated debate on the forums. Read on for details (primarily via World of Raids), and decide for yourself whether or not the sky is falling.


  • Talents refunded
  • flightpath fixed for Area 52 <-> Stormspire
  • quest turning point still bugged no teleportation
  • Sha'tar reputation vendor added to Shattrah
  • Sha'tar guards now give directions
  • Shadowmoon Valley is not open.
  • Female blood elves stand differently and have some new idle animations.
  • Glowcaps can no longer be picked up from any distance.
  • Blood elf female weapon size was increased.
  • Thrallmar reputation rewards were buffed.
  • New graveyard near Kirin'var Village.
  • Bankers added in Area 52.
  • Goblin engineering teleporter added in Area 52
  • Chance to receive jewelcrafting skill points while prospecting.
  • Kharazan is now open, you can get the key from a temporary vendor or the quest.
  • Some terrain that was allowing access to Tempest Keep using noggenfogger or floating effects has been altered so you can no longer jump to The Botanica.
  • Keys are now required to unlock Heroic difficulty for dungeons. HFC key requires revered with Thrallmar and Tempest Keep key requires revered with Sha'tar to buy.
  • Steam Vaults has new mobs such as bog lords and elementals.
  • Last boss of Steam Vaults is fixed. Distiller only become attackable while he's channeling.
  • Heroic Difficulty Items named and graphics added
  • Thrallmar reputation rewards were buffed.
  • The Flesh Handler's gloves no longer have random enchants. This change is retroactive.
  • Netherweave Tunic is now level 68 and Netherweave Robe is level 67.
  • Noggenfogger now has a 2 minute cooldown and the Floating effect lasts 12 seconds instead of 2 minutes.
  • Glowcaps can no longer be picked up from any distance.
  • All green items with +healing in Netherstorm are now damage/healing.
  • Rage potions are back to "Classes: Warrior"
  • Thistle Tea is restored back to "Classes: Rogue"
  • The Beast Within was reduced from 30% damage to 10% damage.
  • Steady Shot now requires lvl 62 instead of 66
  • Kill Command is now lvl 66
  • Snake trap is now working.
  • Consumables can no longer be used in forms. This includes bandages, potions, thistle tea, food, or any other reasonable item that any other class can use.
  • Primal Fury and Blood Frenzy rolled into 1 talent.
  • Imp LoTP has been reduce to 2 points, with each point doing exactly the same amount as before (making this a nerf, only healing 4% at full points).
  • Improved Starfire is now Celestial Focus. 5/10/15% chance to stun with Starfire for 3 seconds and chance to resist pushback by 25/50/70% while casting Wrath.
  • Dreamstate now correctly lists MP5 instead of MP0.
  • Barkskin no longer reduces the cast time, but the cooldown was doubled to 2 minutes.
  • Nuturing Instincts lowered from 50/100% to 25/50%
  • Improved Leader of the Pack changed from 3 points at 2/4/6% to 2 points at 2/4%.
  • Weapon procs no longer fire for a druid in feral forms.
  • Tree form has a new and sexy dance
  • Arcane missiles has been fixed and can no longer be cast while moving.
  • AoE spells now do reduced damage against large number of targets (no exact details of yet).
  • Improved Resistance Auras removed and replaced with "Spell Warding".
  • Spell Warding 0/2: All spell damage taken is reduced by 2% / 4%.

  • Warlock's soulwells grant people that right click it the proper animation.
  • The ability Rampage is now working correctly.

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