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Latest PSP survey suggests impending TV streaming service

Darren Murph

Apparently dishing out surveys to garner potential interest in (hopefully) forthcoming products and services is the fad of the month, as Microsoft barely received back all the results in its latest Xbox 360 questionnaire before Sony threw down a few of its own. Most recently, however, a question was posed to PSP owners that piqued our interest, and it involved the possibility of receiving TV streams on that oh-so-sexy widescreen LCD. The higher-ups at Sony HQ seemingly have streaming video on the brain, as users were asked to choose which scenario they'd prefer when kicking back and catching a show on their handheld. The choices involved a "Sony LocationFree TV box" that would stream content directly to the PSP using a local WiFi connection, or a subscription-based service that would broadcast TV shows using "always on cellular technology" for $9.99 per month. Considering Sony can hardly pay folks to take those dust-gathering UMD flicks, we don't think that making a move in the television realm would be such a bad idea -- so, what's up Sony? Inquisitive minds (and PSP / DS Lite fence-sitters) are yearning for an answer.

[Thanks, Simon V.]

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