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MacGourmet 2 Public Beta - Round Two


The folks at MacGourmet have entered their second round of Public Beta 2 - Version 2.0.0 Beta 9. We've written about MacGourmet many times before and we're still fans of this recipe manager for OS X.

MacGourmet 2 is universal binary and this release includes the following changes:

  • [FIXED] Added type-ahead to library browser, category and equipment lists, for consistency.
  • [FIXED] Enter key will open the selected recipe again.
  • [FIXED] Data entered into Info field in multiple recipe editor now correctly updates recipe information.
  • [FIXED] Info field data is correctly sent to the database.
  • [FIXED] Extended keyboard Delete key is now supported.
  • [FIXED] Delete toolbar button no longer enabled for items that can't be deleted.
  • [FIXED] Exception is no longer thrown when something is posted to a weblog with no definitions.
  • [FIXED] Exception no longer thrown when fetching XML file and there are no blog posts and no feed file on server.
  • [FIXED] Categories and equipment are now sorted in a case-insensitive manner.
  • [FIXED] Recipe box search field is now cleared and previously hidden item is selected if something in library browser is double-clicked.
  • [FIXED] Search in Library Browser is restored after a change is made.
  • [FIXED] Fixed a "random" crash caused because of incorrectly released memory.
  • [FIXED] Image viewer should now correctly save its location.
  • [ADDED] Added preference to turn off Library Browser change confirmations.
Although it's UB, the beta is still a debug version, so performance may not be optimal just yet. MacGourmet 2 is a free upgrade for registered users of MacGourmet 1 and if you purchase v1 before December 15th you can save $5 by entering the code: BETATHANKS at checkout. This 2.0.0b9 will expire on Friday, December 15th, 2006 at midnight.

I'm entering the final phase of a major kitchen renovation and have been spending more and more time staring at my shiny new appliances and into the cupboards trying to think of what to cook when it's all done. I recently downloaded MacGourmet and the included sample recipes have already given me lots of inspiration and I've already started cataloging my meager wine collection with it. As soon as the final touches are put on my new kitchen, I am sure I will be filling the digital Recipe Box with some of my own tasty treats!

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