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Orb Networks brings YouTube / Google Video to your smartphone

Darren Murph

If you've been waiting ever so patiently for YouTube to make an official debut on the mobile side, and can't get TinyTube to work out just right, help is on the way. While Verizon is hoping to land an exclusive deal regarding YouTube content and its V CAST services, Orb Networks is releasing software which lets cellphone users "view, search, and create media channels from the internet" and direct it onto handhelds / laptops" from sites like YouTube or Google Video." While Orb's PC-accessing software has been available for some time now, this newly-unveiled program will put the zany clips of YouTube (and other online video resources) into the palm of you hand way before any of the other guys. While a list of compatible mobiles wasn't disclosed, it was stated that the software would "only operate on sophisticated smartphones" such as Nokia's N80 and Motorola's Q -- so, do your duty and hit the read link for your free download, cool?

[Via Yahoo News]

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