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Pro-Idee kicks out pricey, portable go-cart funfest

Darren Murph

We're down with fanciful portable gaming, and we're certainly crazy over limited edition toys from overseas, and Pro-Idee's suitcase-based go-cart track fits both bills quite nicely. Even if your work regulations won't allow you to toss a PSP or DS Lite in the otherwise pointless front shirt pocket, your boss will have no idea that the sleek, silver briefcase you're toting actually contains a two-player cart racing game, complete with a two-meter long track, stop watch, and a built-in battery pack for "five hours" of rubber-burning madness. Sure to make those long flights zip by, this jewel will be supposedly be limited to 60 units and will demand a whopping €598 ($766), which is probably a good bit less than you'd pay for an oh-so-coveted Playstation 3 right about now.

[Via TRFJ]

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